As he stares at the empty canvas, keyboard under fingers not moving, he considered a dilemma: how to make an introduction – some narrative about who he is, who he’s been – without actually talking about himself. Then a thought arose from the depths, “Perhaps I should simply talk about myself in the third person.”

It was with this device now identified that he could find the will necessary to move the muscles in his hand, and the words began to flow.

In no particular order, this unnamed man at the keyboard is:

  • a white male in his 40s
  • a citizen of the United States of America, residing in the state of Colorado
  • a father of two children – one girl, one boy, in or very near their teens
  • a frequent contributor across many fine internet locales, writing under the pseudonym, “fredegrar”
  • a software engineer, or as his business card suggests, a “senior technical lead”
  • an atheist (which he finds to be an inconvenient term, but one that comes close enough to qualify as a succinct description)
  • a sports fan
  • an outdoors enthusiast who wishes age wasn’t beginning to catch up with him and is fully aware that he doesn’t actually get outside enough
  • a person who reads a lot about current trends in science
  • a person who spends an inordinate amount of time in his head pondering the nature of self, time, existence, sentience, mortality, beauty, meaning, the lack of meaning, etc.
  • prone to ear worms, which more often than not consist of insipid pop tunes
  • a lot of other things

It is from that perspective from whence any future blog posts may originate. “Hope this helps,” he thought.